Important Tips on how to Prevent Prostate Cancer

Risk of Prostate Cancer can be significantly reduced by choosing a healthy diet full of fruits and vegetables. Eat a variety of fruits, vegetables and whole grains. Fruits and vegetables contain many vitamins and nutrients that can contribute to your health.

Though it’s not conclusively proved that you can totally prevent prostate cancer through diet but eating a healthy diet with a variety of fruits and vegetables can improve your overall health and reduce your risks of Prostate Cancer.

Choose healthy foods over supplements. No studies have shown that supplements play a role in reducing your risk of prostate cancer. Instead, choose foods that are rich in vitamins and minerals so that you can maintain healthy levels of vitamins in your body.

Exercise most days of the week because it  improves your overall health by helping your  weight and improves your mood.  If you’re new to exercise, start slow and work your way up to more exercise time each day.

If your current weight is okay, exercise to maintain it but If you need to lose weight, add more exercise and reduce the number of calories you eat each day.  Your doctor can help in creating a plan for healthy weight loss.

Talk to your doctor about increased risk of prostate cancer. If you have a very high risk of prostate cancer, you and your doctor may consider medications and other  treatments to reduce the risks of Prostate Cancer. However If you have any  concern about the  risk of developing prostate cancer, talk with your doctor.


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