Appreciation And Thank You To All Our Donors.

Appreciation and thank you to all our donors

David Omenukor Foundation wishes to thank and appreciate everyone who supported the Go fund me orgainized for free Breast Cancer Mammogram in Imo State last October/November 2022.
Your generous donation made it possible to provide free Mammogram screenings to about 400 women.
295 had benign results, 86 cases were referred for further investigation to the oncologist, and 25 cases were already undergoing full metasis.
David Omenukor Foundation realized $6,370 from the Go fund me project and spent a total of $4,166 for the program.
October Breast Cancer Awareness Month is a period usually meant to draw attention to the dangers and devastation of breast cancer in our society. It’s estimated that 7.8 million women have been diagnosed with breast cancer in the last five years, making it the world’s prevalent cancer. In 2020, about 2.3 million women were diagnosed with breast cancer globally, and about 685,000 died. (Healthline publication). The breast cancer challenge in Nigeria is pathetic and frightening due to the near collapse of the healthcare system exacerbated by bad governance and global economic meltdown.
David Omenukor Foundation has for the past few years been on a rescue mission by providing free Mammogram screenings for these vulnerable women most of whom can hardly afford a decent day’s meal let alone the resources to get screened for Breast Cancer.
Consequently, most women suffering from the devastation and agony of breast cancer as well as avoidable death are because their cancer condition was not detected early enough.
It’s against this background we appreciate and thank you once again, our donors, because your donation has surely saved some lives.

Join our next show this Sunday, 19th February 2023 @ 2pm CST snd 9pm Nigerian time for an update on our 2023 World Cancer Day activities and also learn David Omenukor Foundation’s committment in Closing the Care Gap.

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